Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about us? Here are some of the questions we get on a regular basis.

  • How big is your sunday service?

    Our church currently runs at around 30 people in our main service. It is our hope and prayer that God will work through us to grow this church to be a powerful force for the gospel in the Tierrasanta community. 

  • Do you have any programs for youth?

    We currently do not have a regularly meeting youth group. However, we run youth events monthly with our growing group of teenagers, including lock-ins, laser tag, bowling nights and more. Our pastor, deacons, and other servants provide music and teaching for the teens at these fun-filled nights.

  • What can i expect on a sunday morning?

    Pull into the back of the shopping center off the 52 and Santo, and you'll find our church building. We sing five or six songs with a low-key guitar-led band and have the Word preached by one of our leaders. Since we're Baptists, we also enjoy potlucks far more than is healthy for us, so if you catch us on the right Sunday, you might even get fed :)

  • Do you hold office hours?

    Our office hours tend to be in flux, because most of our servants and leaders are bivocational. Please email or call the church office if you need to get a hold of anybody right away, and our voicemail should have current contact information for a pastor or other leader you can speak with.

  • What should i wear to a sunday service?

    Clothes, preferably. We are pretty casual, though you may spot the occasional sharply dressed person wearing khakis and a polo shirt. Come with a heart of worship and reverence!